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Latest Marketing Activity


As my latest marketing activity, 9500+ A5 flyers were inserted into The Star newspaper targeting parts of USJ, Puchong and Cyberjaya. I ensured that my design was simple, cutter free and attractive, allowing the content and images (the properties for sale) to stand out). Honestly speaking, I am not sure how the response will be over this week or over this month for that matter. As of today, I’ve had 3 enquiries from the flyers. Crossing my fingers for more.

So why print marketing? Isn’t everything online these days? Well, not necessarily, why do people still subscribe to newspapers for that matter? I don’t, I read everything online, but I can’t assume that everyone else does. And as a duty to the sellers who have entrusted me to sell their properties, I feel it is only right to get the word out to as many people as possible. You just never know who might be looking for that particular property.

Though I understand that these kind of marketing activities require consistency. So no, this form of print marketing is not going to be a one hit wonder, I do intend to continually create interesting flyers to mail out over a regular time frame. I’m looking at initially once every two months. Over time, hopefully, the residents will be like “Hey, it’s this Jen Ling person again, hmmm… maybe I should give her a call.” Yes!

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