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Rejection is OK!


So whats up with WhatsApp? Well… it’s only just been bought by Facebook for 19 Billion Dollars! Broken down, the deal to buy it includes $4bn in cash and approximately $12bn worth of Facebook shares, plus an additional $3bn in stock to WhatsApp’s founders and employees at a later date.

At $19bn, to date, it is now valued higher than IKEA ($11.5bn), Pepsi ($18.1bn), Nike ($18.2bn), Audi ($10.9bn), Gucci ($12.1bn) and even Facebook itself ($13.7bn)! I’m honestly amazed at the power and perception of value as I see this reflected in property purchases or lack of as well. Mental note to write an article on perceived value vs bank value.

But my lesson for today is “Rejection is OK!” Why do I say this?

Four years ago, Brian Acton (co-founder of WhatsApp) was looking for a job. His job at Yahoo, where he’d filled many engineering roles over 11 years, had come to an end. He met with Twitter. Twitter said no… He met with Facebook, and Facebook said no. And now he comes full circle. Some of us wonder how differently things would have worked out if he was excepted by Facebook. Maybe WhatsApp may not have even come into fruition. Well all I know is, he didn’t become dejected and depressed. He actually created something amazing.

I’ve always believed that “Every no, gets you closer to a yes!” It has been true in my life, and I am glad it has proven to be true for Brian Acton.


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