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Everything is awesome?


It’s Valentine’s Day! A day where love is celebrated. The hubby and I are not V-day observers, though coincidentally we had a movie date last night. Film of choice, Lego Movie! We are so glad we watched this one, it actually lives up to the hype and great reviews. It’s just so clever in so many ways. The plot is simple enough and used numerous times: the unassuming guy becomes a hero. And yet the way the story is weaved is just so engaging, and you can’t help wanting to root for the simple guy.

Plus the ending just makes it believable (with a little bit of magic). It makes the big kid in you just want to lay your hands on a bunch of lego or visit lego land for that matter. You see why it’s so clever! Because it is working! Financially it makes so much sense. This movie has elevated product merchandising to a whole new other level. This movie works from so many perspectives, but I’m only going to highlight two:

From A Marketing Perspective

It showcases numerous creative ways lego can be used. It’s the sky, it’s the water, it the earth, the grass, the scenary! At the same time, you launch many new loveable characters which will be a hit with both adults and kids alike. Unikitty anyone? And at the end where the dad has this basement with genormous lego landscapes, and you go drool… yup it totally works from a marketing perspective.

From A Creative Perspective

CGI that looks like stop motion graphics? High tech rendered in such detail it looks absolutely low tech? It’s just… awesome! Hats of to the animation team and the countless hours on the details. Wow… and the script! It’s just so funny, you can’t help liking every character and that is pretty hard thing to do for any movie.

All I can say is, this movie is a reminder that we have to constantly keep pushing ourselves to be better. We have to be continually inspired by those better than us, keeping our doubts in check and just keep improving. And maybe just maybe, with the right attitude, maybe not everything, but most of everything will be awesome.

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