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Case closed


After the drama of the week, I can finally say the case is closed (somewhat). The termination letters have been signed by the seller, the purchaser’s refund has been prepared, and I will be meeting up with the purchaser on Monday or Tuesday to sign off on the termination letter, then case closed.

One thing I noticed about the refund process is how quickly Sentinel Properties (the office) managed to refund the cheque. As the office is actually quite efficient, the cheque was already banked in, and it cleared today. Today itself a cheque was written to the purchaser as a refund.

I appreciate being able to collect the cheque today, giving the purchaser the peace of mind to know that the cheque was already in my hands (in the purchaser’s name) waiting to be handed over when we meet.

I’m not sure if this was possible with a bigger agency. Although Sentinel Properties is a relatively small set u, it runs well, and that is ultimately what’s important. There is no red tape having to go through several levels to request permission for refunds, thus easing communication and enabling quicker decision making. So yay to smaller set ups.

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