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About Me


1. Who is behind

Yours truly, that is Jen Ling. A Life Planner and Mortgage Consultant with AIA. I am also a registered Real Estate Negotiator with the registration number REN 04130 

2. What are your primary services?

• Mortgage Advising
• Loan Application (Fixed Rate / Flexi Rates)
• Mortgage Insurance
• Household Insurance
• Medical Savings Plan
• Education Savings Plan
• Retirement Savings Plan

3. How long have you been in the industry and how long do you plan to continue?

I started working as a Real Estate Negotiator in 2013 and later focused my service to Life Planning & Mortgage Consulting. I see myself continuing in this industry indefinitely.

4. Why did you choose to be in the Financial Services & Real Estate Industry?

I was a Graphic Designer by training and profession. Graduating with a diploma in Graphic Design & Advertising from The One Academy of Communication Design. By age 21, I started my first job as a Graphic Designer in a small, creative design studio in the Klang Valley, handling projects with clients such as 4As Malaysia, Accenture, Antalis Papers, WWF India, to name a few.

By age 25, I’ve started my own home based Freelance Graphic Design business. It was a small set up (just me) and although I didn’t have many clients, within 3 years I was able to equal my salary of that as a full time designer. By then, I really needed the flexibility as I was already a stay at home mum of a 1 year old toddler.

Early 2013, my husband was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (he has since gone home to be with the Lord). If you are interested, you may follow the blog I’ve started to compile our journey here. Late 2013, I was at a crossroad. I could either pick up my design clients from scratch or boldly step out into my new adventure in the Financial Services & Real Estate Industry.

I chose the latter, and have had no regrets since.

5. How is the current market situation in the Klang Valley? Will property prices go up, or down?

No one can foresee the future, but we can only extrapolate base on the current market sentiments and environment. At the time of writing (June 2014), property prices in the Klang Valley has not tapered much. Albeit gradual, the rise in prices is still evident.

Buyers are finding it increasing hard to obtain housing loans, not to mention obtaining a property with the value to match. Financial institutions are tightening their loan application requirements as Malaysians household debt is at an all time high of 86%. That being said, there is still much demand for properties within the price range of RM300K – 500K.  This is the most affordable price range for the masses. There is also demand for properties within the RM600K – RM 800K range from the upper middle income earners.

Since the Budget 2014 announcement, higher Real Property Gain Tax rates have been imposed, and with the impending implementation of GST in 2015, most Malaysian are expecting a rise in the price of essential commodities. Interestingly though, the response from the seller’s market is not as most buyers would hope for. Instead of lowering prices to match the demand, most property owners are either holding their investments, or asking higher rates to offset their loss of profit from the revised RPGT.

My role is to assist buyers in obtaining a housing loan and to manage it’s risk.